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Becoming a member of Goa Association of Realtors is Easy.
Understand who we are and why you should Join Us

Who we are

Goa Association of Realtors (GAR) is a non-profit association started in Goa in 2014 and registration was granted in 2015, by competent professionals who were & are principally Real Estate Consulting Agents/Companies based in Goa. The membership is currently increasing on a regular basis most of whom have been catering to the need of corporates and individuals in the areas of Commercial and residential Lease, Rental & Sale.
GAR and its members aim to be honest and transparent when dealing with their clients and also among fellow members. It is associated to NAR-INDIA (National Association of Realtors).

Why Join Us

Today the Real Estate Market across the globe is an organised sector and has a professional approach, but in India the same sector is yet to be professionally streamlined. Therefore NAR – India & GAR have taken steps of self regulation & shall endeavour to be the representative body of Realtors.
Goa Association of Realtors which is formed in 2015 and has been active in bringing and giving the right fortitude and foresees the growth of our state and Indian real estate market. As an association it provides a host of advantages to its members and makes sure that all its members follow the same guidelines and they create a network among themselves to create ethical, better and brighter business culture.
By joining GAR one gets the benefit of automatically becoming a member of NAR India and gets a recognition in all state associations. Business for members also develops on a wider scale. Every member is bound by and has to strictly adhere to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice

Key Benefits

  • Professional development, research and exchange of information among members.
  • Exchange official market expertise with experienced member realtors.
  • NAR INDIA membership & online real estate exam.
  • Prominent speakers and leadership trainers from real estate sector.
  • Professional interaction & channel sale agreements with builders
  • Learn different real estate strategies.
  • Networking among members and with other city associations.
  • Frequent member get-togethers.
  • Professional development, research and exchange of information among its members.
  • National speakers/trainers to provide constant upgradation of knowledge and business practice.
  • Imparting real estate strategies
  • Market your properties to other buyers/investors PLUS be the first to purchase properties offered by our members.
  • Other seminars & conventions during the year to keep you informed in this exciting and rapidly changing real estate market.
  • Grievance & redressal cell.